Send Cakes on Lohri to Vizag

In all over India mostly all people worship the god of the good harvest. Same Lohri is the harvest festival that is celebrated in all over India. As today is 13 January Lohri is celebrated. On this day people, families and friends come together around the bone fire.  Lohri actually signaling the end of the long winter months and the beginning of spring. This is also the time when wheat, the main rabi (winter) crop is ready to be harvested and the festival of Lohri is celebrated to thank the gods for a good yield. Parties, dance, food is organized on Lohri functions. Now even cakes are also made for the Lohri functions and Vizagfood is the online store where there are many cakes for all the occasions and there are also cakes for Lohri function.

Festival of Harvest, Lohri (5)

We make all plain and theme cakes for Lohri that is also with the best quality of ingredients and make it fresh and deliver it fresh to our customers. We use all of the best quality of edible material for the theme based cakes. We have chocolate cakes, pineapple cakes, butterscotch cake, fruitcake and much more kinds of cakes that you can order for Lohri. Lohri is also known as Pongal and Makarsankranti in India. From Vizag food, you can also order sweets and food for Lohri. There are many items that you can send to your loved one or the Lohri celebration. As today is very religious day and we make our cake by keeping all the religious aspects into our mind. We make eggless cakes that are even healthier and tastier. Some people have allergic reactions to egg so eggless cakes are the good option for them on Lohri.



To place, an order for our special Lohri cakes just go online at www.vizagfood.com and place an order for your favorite cake. Make your payments online with help of credit/debit card. Vizagfood gives you free home delivery at the doorstep for 24X7 hrs in Vizag. So send cakes to Vizag on Lohri. Have a very “Happy Lohri” to all.


Send Sweets and Cakes to Vizagfood on Pongal

India is a land of diverse culture. There are different festivals for every season. As it is the January month that is also known as Thai in south India. This month is best known for the harvest festivals. Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festivals that is celebrated in all over India with great enthusiasm. Makarsankranti is also a harvest festival that is popular in North India. Both of these are harvest festivals. Pongal is celebrated for 4 days and on each day people worship different gods. Pongal is a festival that is actually celebrated as a thanksgiving ceremony for the year’s harvest. Many sweets and dishes are prepared on Pongal and now Pongal has become even more different as people used to celebrate Pongal by cutting the cake. Send cake to Vizag  on this special occasion of Pongal

pongall cake

Special eggless cakes are prepared for this festival. Vizagfood is the best online store from where you can buy best of the Pongal cakes to send it to your loved one. You can make your Pongal more interesting by ordering sweets, cakes and food for the family. Vizagfood made unique theme cakes with best of the ingredients for Pongal. Special eggless cakes are prepared, the people who really like chocolate order chocolate cake for Pongal, fruitcakes are baked as these cakes are also very famous among the people. We use best, fresh and good quality of the fruits for Pongal. All of the material that are used in theme cakes are edible and eggless. In sweets sections, we have a sweet Pongal, Nuvvula Ariselu and many other items. Special vegetarian food is there on our website that you can order for the family get-together.


To place and order and send cakes to Vizag just go online at www.vizagfood.com and click on your favourite cake. Vizagfood gives the free home delivery to Vizag. We deliver cakes and other items for 24X7 and now we have also started the facility of Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.). Customer also get the facility to pay online with the debit/credit card. So, make your Pongal happy with our cakes.


Send Vanilla cake to your loved one from Vizagfood

New Year has begun and every New Year deserves a special cake. The celebration of this New Year eve is incomplete without cutting a cake. Everyone celebrates the New Year with their loved one and if this times you are not with your loved one and still want to make New Year memorable then why not send them a cake. There are many kinds of cakes that people usually order on the New Year eve. Vanilla cake looks beautiful and also tastes delicious. Vanilla is not only flavor but it also very healthy and has many beneficial effects on the body. Vizagfood is the online food ordering store from where you can buy yummy Vanilla Cake to your loved one to make their day more special. Send cake to Vizag for your dear ones.


Our Fresh vanilla cake is not only for New Year eve, you can also order it for a birthday, anniversary, and wedding or any other ceremony/occasion. This cake is made with the fresh vanilla cream and decorated with white chocolate. You can specially order this cake in a heart shape. Premium decorations are available in our store that you can also order o make your cake more impressive. As vanilla is very good for health and you can also make this vanilla cake even healthier by making it eggless.  Some people have allergy with eggs. So our eggless vanilla cake is the best option for them that they can order to celebrate their special occasion. Vanilla is the thing that helps you to sleep better and it is also very healthy and beneficial for the heart patients.


So why are you wasting time! Just go online and visit www.vizagfood.com to place an order for this yummy vanilla cake to give surprise to your loved one. It is very easy to place an order on Vizagfood and you can customize your cake according to your interest. You can also place an order by calling at 800-800-3620 and if you have any kind of query then send it at support@vizagfood.com.


Celebrate New Year 2017 with Vizagfood

At last, after waiting for whole year New Year has arrived people come together with their families and friends. Vizagfood is celebrating New Year with its customers by a baking number of different cakes, chocolates, food for coming the year 2017. Cakes are the best food that every family used to bake on the Christmas and New Year eve.  People organize parties, dinner at their homes, exchange gifts and send cards on New Year eve. The markets and the houses are decorated with flowers and lights. It is the right time for all the people to enjoy with their family and friends. Traditional plum cakes are very common among all the people. With the passage of time, the plum cakes are replaced by the fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, and many other cakes. Vizagfood is an online store of cakes from where you can order any of the cake for this New Year.


 There is not only simple cakes on our store you can order any of the latest cakes from the Vizag food there is theme based cakes for the new year, multilayered cakes, photo-fix cakes on our store. The cakes that we make are of best quality and we never compromise with the quality and the appearance of the cake. The thing that you look at the website will be same that you will get. For the New Year, Vizagfood has made many traditional and modern cakes for its customers. There is lovely New Year butterscotch cake, charming wishes, delightful wishes cake, Yummy Pineapple cake, hazelnut chocolate cake and many more cakes on our store. We also make the cakes for those customers who are allergic or do not like an egg in their cakes. The egg-free cakes are very healthy and very yummy in taste. Complete your Christmas party with our delicious cakes.


Vizagfood is a giving special discount offer on the every purchase on this New Year. Use the coupon codeLUCKY17” and get the 10% discount. Make your New Year more exciting with Vizag food and get your order at the doorstep. We are giving 24X7 free home deliveries of the product this season. Make your payments easy with the online payment mode. Use your credit/debit cards for the payment and Cash on Delivery is also available.



The New Year and Christmas Eve is coming. The birth of Jesus Christ and the beginning of New Year brings the new spirit among the people. Both of these festivals are celebrated in great joy and energizing spirit. People organize parties, dinner at their homes, exchange gifts. The markets and the houses are decorated with flowers and lights. It is the right time for all the people to enjoy with their family and friends. During Christmas and New year people express their happiness by cutting a cake and welcome the new year. There are many cakes that are specially made for Christmas and New Year. Vizagfood is the online store that also bakes cakes for New year and Christmas.

hazzle nut truffle-700x700

There are many kinds of delicious and latest cakes for this Christmas on Vizagfood. There is a colorful Twinkle Star Ferrero Rocher Cake for you on this Christmas that have many beautiful and colorful stars on it. This cake is simple but sober by look wise. Vizagfood never compromises with the quality and taste of the cake that is why we make our all the cakes fresh on the order placed by our customers. We also have an option of eggless cake here on our store if you do not like egg cake. Our eggless cakes are also that much tasty as normal egg cakes. This Twinkle Star Ferrero cake is made with the chocolate and the milk cream, that tastes very delicious and nobody can stop themselves to taste it.

big_ferrero rocher cake

For this Christmas and New year, there are many items on Vizagfood that you can gift to your loved one. To place an order for this yummy TWINKLE STAR FERRERO ROCHER CAKE go online at www.vizagfood.com and place you order mention all the mandatory information. Get the 10% discount on all the products by entering coupon code “LUCKY17” and make your new year and Christmas lucky this season with Vizag food. Get the free home delivery at your doorstep and make your transactions easy by paying online with your debit/credit cards. Vizagfood wishes you “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year”.

big_HS PineApple Cake


A heart is the symbol of love and if you want to express your feelings to them then heart-shaped cake and any other gift is the best thing. When your loved one coming after a long time and you want to give them a warm welcome then get a heart-shaped welcome cake for them. Vizagfood is the online store from where you can order a best home welcoming cake for your loved one. There is a very beautiful Hearty Evasion heart-shaped cake for your loved one at our food store. Rather than searching homecoming cake around in the market just go online at our cake store.

Hearty Evasion-420x420

This hearty Evasion is very beautiful according to look-wise there is a cute little deer on it that is made with the best quality of the edible material. There is beautifully white and gray colored flowers are around the cake and having a woody texture around it. This cake is made with the home cooked chocolate that is very rich in taste. And have very soft and spongy bread as its base. You can add a beautiful message on the top of this cake to your loved one. Other than this homecoming cake there is also many varieties of cake for every occasion, either it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding and any other celebration.


The cake is the best food that makes your celebration complete. The best thing of Vizag food is that you can customize your cake according to your need. As there are some people those who do not like the eggs in their cakes or have any kind of allergies with the cake for them we also make the eggless Hearty Evasion Cake. Browse www.vizagfood.com to place an order for this delicious hearty Evasion Heart-shaped cake for your loved one. Do your payments with the help of credit and debit cards through online mode of payment other than this you can also do payment after receiving your product at your doorstep with the help of Cash on Delivery (COD) option. Enjoy our services by free home deliveries at your home.



Send Plum Cake on Christmas to Vizag

As it’s December has started now. It is the time of Christmas and lots of gifts, Christmas cakes, cookies, candies, chocolates and holidays. People organize the get-together parties and they sit together to take the dinner and enjoy the Christmas parties. Christmas cake has its own importance in this occasion. Ladies bakes the cake at their home and they start the party by cutting that cake. The houses are decorated with the beautiful flowers and lights. Plums cakes are the mostly baked cakes on this Christmas and without it no Christmas celebration is considered complete. It has its own importance on this day.


Vizagfood is the online food ordering store from where you can buy this yummy plum cake for the Christmas. In the frosting morning with the chilling winds, having this plum cake with the team would definitely delight your taste buds. Earlier the dried plums were added in the cake but with the passage of time then it was replaced with the dried raisins that make also makes this cake tastier. The bakers of Vizagfood make this cake in a very traditional way. The dried plums, raisins-dry fruits, and nuts are used in this cake that makes this cake rich in taste. Having this cake, with listening hymns and carols in the front of decorated pine trees makes the great evening. The rich Plum cake by Vizagfood looks more impressive yet simple, but you can customize this cake according to you.


Send this very yummy cake to your loved ones, friends and family from Vizagfood and make their as well as your Christmas very exciting and Merry. To place an order for this cake goes online at www.vizagfood.com and get confirmed your order to single click. Make your payments online with your debit/credit master, maestro, and Visa cards. You can also order cakes for all kinds of occasions, chocolates, food from Vizag food to make your get together party complete and enjoy with your family and friends with great pleasure. You can also order this cake by with gift packing. Vizagfood love to make your Christmas more cheerful by giving online delivery at your doorstep.


Order Rich Plum Cake for Christmas to Vizag

It’s Christmas time, it’s a fun time. People organize the house parties, get-togethers, exchange gifts, and make food and cakes. Christmas time is the best time to sit with your family and does the chit chat. The most important thing on the Christmas is the cake, without Christmas cake no Christmas party and festival considered complete. It is the very awesome feeling when the people used to bake the Christmas cake when the whole area is covered with the snow and chilling winds are going on. There are many kinds of the cakes that people used to make on the Christmas like plum cakes. It is the traditional cake that is usually baked in every home during Christmas.


Vizagfood is the online food ordering store that bakes the best quality of cakes for the cake. It makes the traditional plum cake with the fresh dried rains and plums. It is very popular for delivering its best quality of cakes to the Vizag. The vanilla that is used in this cake makes its taste richer. We make this cake in bulk during Christmas time because many people gift these plum cakes to each other to keep their tradition. Other than this, there are varieties of Christmas cake is available. We make all those cakes fresh and give the same day delivery to the Vizag.


If you want to order this Rich Plum Cake to gift your family, friend and loved one then browse our website www.vizagfood.com . There is a wide variety of chocolates and flowers that you may also order to gift your family or friend with the plum cake. There is an option of online payment, you can make your payments online with the help of your master, maestro and visa cards. We give the free home delivery for 24X7 at your doorstep. Vizagfood gives the heavy discounts on the many products on this Christmas season. So keep this tradition of making and distributing plum cake with your family and friends going on with the best quality and freshly made Rich Plum Cake. You can also send teddies, flowers, chocolates and food from the Vizagfood and enjoy your Christmas party.