Independence Day with Vizagfood

Independence Day is the day which is celebrated with joy and happiness all over India. This is the day on which we conquered our independence from the United Kingdom. 15th August 1947 is the date on which we got our freedom. This day is a most important day in the history of the India.

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This day is considered to be one of the precious days in every Indian’s life. Today on 15th August 2017. We are celebrating out the 70thindependence day. On this day our honorable prime minister hoists the flag on the ramparts of the historical site Red Fort in Delhi.Twenty-one gun shots are fired in honor of the solemn occasion.


This day is celebrated with great Anthis siam by every Indian in the country. Now celebrate this day by exchanging sweets and flowers to your near and dear ones only from Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Below are the different types of Bouquet and cakes that are available at

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Customized cakes: Vizagfood also provides special tri-color customized cake on this special occasion. This is made up of mixing various flavors of your choice. You just need to give us the picture and we will convert that into the cake for you.

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Chocolate cakes: Now celebrate this special day by distributing chocolate cakes to your near and dear ones. Chocolate is one of the favorite items of all age group people. Now celebrate this day of happiness with the premium special chocolate cake only from

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Ice cream cakes- Ice cream cakes are cakes is prepared using ice-cream as its major ingredient. Such types of cakes are considered to be most favorite among the children and even among the elders. Vizagfoods also provide ice cream cakes of various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch etc.

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Bouquet of Red roses – red rose is always considered to be the symbol of love. If you want to express your love and care then Bouquet of red roses is the perfect one. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through


Bouquet of white roses: white roses are a symbol of peace. Now spread peace and love all over the world by giving white roses. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through

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Bouquet of multicolored roses – Multicolored roses are the bouquet of various colors of roses. These roses, when mixed with red and with different color roses and additional messaged, can be conveyed to all. Now buying a bouquet of multicolored roses is as simple through

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Celebrated Janmashtami with Vizagfood

India is known for its diversity. Here people of different religions live together. Hence all festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and love. Out of these festivals, we are now talking about Janmashtami. Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is considered to be eight avatars of Lord Vishnu. It is one of the most important festivals for Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism.

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Different types of sweets are made and Jagran is conducted on this day. According to Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna was born in the midnight. Hence the actual celebration starts at the midnight.  When it comes to celebration it is incomplete without Vizagfood.  Now there is no need to worry because Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Below are the different types of Bouquets and cakes that are available at


On this special occasion, Vizagfood brings you various varieties of cakes and flowers for your celebration. Let’s have a look at the different options which are available exclusively on Krishna Janmashtami.

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Customized cakes: On this special occasion we present you different types of customized cakes exactly similar to Lord Krishna. Now celebrate the festival with cakes in a design of Lord Krishna. We also provide these cakes in a different combination of flavors as per your choice.

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Photofix fixes cakes: if you particularly want to picturise something on this occasion, then Vizagfood is the best option you are having with you. Just bring your favorite photo we will convert into the cake.  We also provide combinations of various flavors as per your choice.


Dark chocolate cakes: chocolates are considered to be one of the favorites of kids. Now celebrate the occasion of happiness with your family with some premium dark chocolate cakes from


Bouquet of roses: Now decorate your house on this special occasion with colorful roses. Various colors of roses are just a call away. Now order premium colorful roses from and celebrate the occasion peacefully.


The bunch of different flowers: as we all know lord Krishna’s favorite flowers are tuberose, jasmine, Mogra etc. Now decorate you hula for your Krishna on this special occasion by ordering his favorite flowers exclusively from

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Bouquet of lilac & purples: Lilac and purple are beautiful colors which are loved by all. Now decorate your house and  Krishna using these flowers on this auspicious occasion. To order fresh flowers just contact us and we are available to provide you the best service of all.

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Order Online Food, Deliver foodie stuff to Vizag

Taking a sound food will keep you safe from the various infections; it gives you the most ideal approach or opportunity to carry on with a long and solid life!” Nothing unites individuals like healthy and flavorful food. Individuals who love to eat are chronically the best individuals.


On the off chance that you over eat, not practice and eat undesirable it can cause corpulence. You have to settle on sound decisions to stay away from stoutness. Eat solid in dinners and snacks. Take a stab at evading refined grains and high measures of starch next time you’re ravenous, go after something with entire grains, for example, oats. Eating sound will give the fundamental supplements that your body needs to work and make new cells. You will likewise have more vitality and turn out to be more ready. While eating sound you should have adjusted and shifted a measure of every nutritional category. A healthy eating regimen is a reason for a well-working body. Sustenance is the wellspring of vitality for the majority of our substantial capacities and straightforwardly influences how our bodies and psyches work in each phase of life. A sound eating routine is essential for the anticipation of sicknesses, upkeep of a solid weight and personal satisfaction. Vizag sustenance offers the selective gathering of nourishment stuff for you.

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Veg Snacks- Vegetarian diets are naturally low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and replete with cancer-protective photochemical help to prevent cancer. vegetarian diet usually has low cholesterol, less risk of stroke and obesity, less chance of developing kidney stones and it can satisfy all your nutritional requirements. So get some veggie stuff from Vizag food just by visiting our site or calling at our toll-free number. You will get a chance to have some delicious veg-snacks. Keep in mind vegetarian diets high in added sugar, refined carbohydrates like white bread, saturated fat, and total calories may negate the beneficial effects of vegetarian dieting on blood sugar.

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Non-Veg Snacks- Non-veggie lover sustenances are rich in protein. Older folks who experience the ill effects of these issues ought to decrease the intake of flashy food in their eating regimen. Egg-white and most varieties of fish contain less fat but are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Good source of protein and vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B 12, Fish is a very rich source of omega 3 fatty acid. A well-planned non-veg food regimen will make the body strong, for gym goers, non-veg food will help to build muscle mass faster.


Soups- Soup is a critical dish of each feast. Having a bowl of soup has a lot of medical advantages as you get the opportunity to eat more veggies stuffed with supplements. Eating only soup for a supper can likewise make one slimmer yet it can be a troublesome test. Doing as such can make you hungry however for others, eating more soup make them more invigorated and feel full for a considerable length of time. If you are thinking to go outside to get soup for you, then just stop and place an Order Online food in Vizag simply from, we will provide a fast delivery at your doorsteps. We are present with a variety of soups like;  chicken clear soup, mushroom clear soup, sweet corn soup, tomato soup and much more.

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Pizza and Burgers- Pizza and burgers show up at the highest priority on the rundown. They are the most natural and a standout amongst the most loved over the guide. A large portion of the children over the world like both of these excessively. Without a doubt, a nibble of pizza or burger can expedite a glimmer of bliss their appearances. On the off chance that you are thinking to eat something in fast food then simply get your telephone and visit our site where we are available with various sort of pizza and burgers, similar to chicken pizza, veg pizza, chicken burger and veg burger. Get Online Pizza and Burgers in Vizag Visakhapatnam.

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Milk Shakes- Milk shakes are extremely nutritious due to their fundamental fixing milk as milk comprises of starches, minerals, protein and substantially more. Milk shakes contain organic products which are the great wellspring of vitamin and dietary fiber for better assimilation. So to have a nutritious eating regimen you should attempt milkshakes of Vizagfood. Some unique milk shakes offered by Vizag are-butterscotch milkshake, vanilla drain shakes. Door step Delivery of Milkshakes in Vizag.

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Get Door Delivery of Cakes to Vishakhapatnam

The cake is a word when everyone listens to it. The first thing comes into their mind is Birthday. The cake is famous for the birthday party or anniversary party. But nowadays, the cake has become the essential part of every occasion. A party without cake seems as a simple talk or gathering among friends. The cake has become the best celebratory dish for almost every occasion. It is a soft, sweetie and creamy recipe which will surely uplift the enjoyment of every party. A very well said that cakes are special for every occasion, whether it is the birthday or a wedding anniversary, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake and people remember. It’s all about creating memories for future. The cake is not only a part of any occasion; it is an impressive gift also. You can impress someone who is the lover of eating cakes by sending a delicious, sweetie and softie cake to that person.

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So make the rest of your special occasions the best of your occasions. Order special cakes from and surprise your dear ones on their loving days. We at offer the best quality and different kinds of cakes best suited for your celebrations. Our cakes are fresh and beautify decorated so that it can win your heart with just one look.

Pay your attention towards some of our most liked cakes in Vizag

Premium Heart Shape Cakes- We all know that love is the very sweet thing. No matters, it is between two couples, family love or love between two friends, it always flares happiness to your face when you spend time with your loving ones. The life is all about being happy and spread happiness everywhere. So get up and plan something different to bring a smile on the face of your loving ones on their upcoming special days. We at Vizag present with very beautifully decorated a heart shaped cake. This cake indicates your love for those people you are very close with. Place an order and get same day delivery of premium heart shape cakes to Vizag.

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Chocolate Cake- Chocolate is described as one of the life’s awesome pleasure. It has no health benefits and also a most loving thing for the kids. It can be an impressive present while dating someone. The cake has its own personality, but if chocolate mixed with cake then thinks how big blast it can do in the birthday party of your child. So make a call and bring a special chocolate cake at the birthday party of your most loving kid. Vizagfood offers various kinds of chocolate cakes; these are beautiful enough that your heat will insist on buying all.

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Wedding Cakes- Wedding is the greatly anticipated and unique day for everybody’s life. A man dependably thinks to make that day generally noteworthy. There are parts intriguing things to accomplish for this. Yet, any festival aside from cake is quite recently fractional; no festival can be begun without cake. You require an exceptional cake for wedding or commemoration in order to awe your lady of the hour or spouse, likewise to support up your festivals. Visit, where you can get distinctive sort of cakes uncommonly arranged for weddings and commemorations. You can settle on the best decision shape there and we will give a protected home conveyance to you. With the goal that you can unwrap the bliss. Order Wedding Cakes to Visakhapatnam and establishes the connection.

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Photo Fix Cake- Parties are all about created the beautiful memories for that day. Let’s make some opposite thing. Memorize your old moments on that day of a party. Choose the best photo of your family and send to us. We will prepare a special cake for you which shows the same photo in the form of the cream. You can make your parents remind their past days of colleges and also remind your friend the last visit to an awesome place. Lots of things you can show and surprise your dear ones. consist differently designed cake having photo over it, such cakes are called as Vizag Photo Fix cake. So order it as soon as possible, we will deliver it to the door steps of your dear one. And we are sure that he/she will unbox the happiness from that parcel.

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Ice-cream Cakes- Ice-cream is surely a most loveable dish for children as well as youngsters. It will push your mind to a deep relief during a heavy warm environment. Also, it vanishes all the stresses of mind. How it looks if you get an ice cream cake for your special day. You will surely get happy, so make someone else feel same happiness by delivering ice-cream cake to the one whom you love most. Visit our site and place an order. Get same day delivery of ice-cream cakes in Vizag.

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Celebrate the Raksha Bandhan with Vizagfood

Order Online Sweets, Beautiful flowers to Vizag

Are you excited for upcoming Raksha Bandhan so as to surprise your brother with beautiful arrangements? No need to go anywhere, just visit our site and order online sweets, beautiful flowers to Vizag.

rakhiRaksha Bandhan is one of the extremely critical celebrations in India. It is praised among brothers and sisters with heaps of joy and new guarantees. Consistently every one of the brothers and sisters anticipates this celebration with extraordinary energy and fervor. On this day sister ties ‘rakhi’, a luxurious string on their sibling’s wrist. This is the image of adoration as regard for their brothers. Rakhi likewise connotes the sister’s petition God for long life and prosperity of their brothers. The siblings, in support, take a pledge to the dependable fare thee well and shield their sisters from all shades of malice and threats. As a token of their affection, the brothers either give money or different blessings to their sisters.

download (43)This festival is not celebrated as formalities but is celebrated whole heartedly. It is a day, especially for the sisters. All the sister around India, arrange a set of beautiful looked thinks on the plate and then dedicate all her love by tying the thread over her brother’s wrist and also serve sweets. We can consider this festival as a surprise given from both sides. A sister can give surprise to her brother by doing some beautiful arrangements on this day. On the other side, brothers can surprise their sisters by giving them the different and most loving gift. As a sister,

download (40)you should arrange some beautiful events for your brother to make the moments memorizing one.  Make the arrangements and decorate your house beautifully with the flowers, get delicious sweets for your brother. If your brother is far away from you then send cakes and sweets to them with the “Rakhi”. We at provide the facility to deliver the sweets to anywhere in Vizag. Also, we offer tasty and fresh sweets or cakes of different kinds. Make your call and order quality cakes to Vizag. Also, you can get same day delivery of sweets to Visakhapatnam.

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We offer-

Order online sweets to Vizag- Sweets are the special part of every festival. For Raksha Bandhan, sweets are much liked by the brothers. So you should bring fresh and delicious sweets for your brother so as to make him smile. So, visit our site and get door delivery of sweets to Visakhapatnam.

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Order Flowers online to Visakhapatnam- Brother Makes the promise of protection on “Raksha Bandhan” by giving a smile creating the gift to his sister. But any gift alone doesn’t look nice. One can greet his sister with beautifully decorated flower basket along with the gift. We at arranged special blooms for you. Just visit our site and get flower deliveries in Visakhapatnam.

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Enjoy “Friendship Day” with Fresh Eatable from Vizagfood

Value the importance of friendship in your life. Celebrate this Nobel feeling with fresh eatable from Vizagfood. Give us a call and order online cakes, sweets to Vizag.

FRIENDSHIP DAYAlmost all the people around the world celebrate their holy festivals every year. But very few people are present, who celebrate the friendship day. Human beings are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in their life. To celebrate this Nobel feeling, it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated friends and friendship. Friendship day falls on the first Sunday of the August month according to the US to honors the friendship of all the loving friends. It must be celebrated in India also. Celebrating “Friendship Day” in a traditional manner, people meet their friends on this day and exchange flowers or cards to honor their friends.

download (9)It is the official time to wish all the friends and to express that “I Care” Be the first wisher to your most loving friend and greet him/her with an amazing cake, flowers or sweets etc. Wishing your friend is the best celebration among both sides. You will also get happy and your friend will undoubtedly feel out the world. Friendship Day is coming soon, so start thinking to surprise your friend with some amazing gifts. Initiate your first step by log into our site and get all the eatable stuff over there. You can also find the flowers and cards to greet your friend more especially. Visit our site and order special cakes to Vizag online.

download (6)Let me inform you about some of the eatables and blooms at our sites:-

Cakes:- Cake is a form of sweet desert modified from the bread. The cake is well-known for the birthday parties, but change the mood now and celebrate the friendship day with cake this time. Get online cake from Vizag and if your friend is far away from you then we have the delivery options for you as well. Some of the cakes we offer are Chocolate cakes, Photo Fix cakes, Ice-cream cakes and much more. Place an order and get delicious cakes in Vizag.

Chocolate Truffle-420x420 (1)Flowers:- Deliver the beautiful roses to your sweethearts’ and express your feeling in most loving way possible. The flower can speak the language of heart beautifully. So, on upcoming Friendship day, there could not be a better way of expressing your love other than with these warms. Order online flowers to Vizag.

imagesSweets:- Sweets are the special ingredient people like to share on their special festivals. Also, friendship day is not less than any festival for the friends. Send fresh eatable sweets to your most loving friends staying far away from you. Visit our site and choose some of the sweets like Badusha, Bala Ji Laddu, Bombay Halwa, Cham Cham etc. Make your call and order online sweets to Vizag/Vishakhapatnam.

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Friendship Day, Send Cakes and Flowers to Vizagfood

Friendship is an important part of everyone life. Without friends, there is no meaning to our life. Friends are those who always stay with us in all situations. Friends are those who always help us in our difficult times and party with us in our happier times. The month of August has arrived. It’s a month to do something special for your special friends. Friendship day is coming and it is time to convey a beautiful message to your friends and surprise them with gifts.


When it comes to celebration, Vizagfood is one of the best options to go for it. Vizagfood provides various varieties of cake options like customized cakes, wedding cakes, photo fix cakes, ice cream cakes etc for different kind of occasions even apart from this Vizagfood provides various types of flowers used in different occasion. Bouquet of various combination of flowers is always considered as one of the best gifts to give someone. Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Now plan your celebration with help of Vizagfood. Below are the different types of Bouquet and cakes that are available at

Choco Evasion Cake-420x420

Red Velvet Cheese Cake:- Cheese is something which everyone loves a lot. While red velvet cheese cake is considered as one of the best cheese cake in the world. Vizagfood also provides red velvet cheese cakes various shapes.

Butterscotch Icecream Cake-420x420 (1)

Photofix Cakes: – if you have impressive and best image of your friends then give to us we will Photofix the image in the cake. Vizagfoods provide various options in photo fit cakes as per your favorite flavors.


Exotic Chocolate Cakes:- Chocolates are everyone all time favorite item. All age group people like chocolate cake. Vizagfood provides exotic chocolate cakes which will be loved by all age groups.


Premium Heart Cakes: – Friends are the heart of your life. Now surprise them with premium heart cakes on this special occasion.


Bouquet of Red Roses: – Red rose is always considered to be a symbol of love. If you want to express your feelings to your best friend that how much you love them then Bouquet of red roses is the perfect one to present him/her. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through

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Bouquet of Multi-colored Roses:– These roses when mixed with red and with another color rose adds an additional importance to the meaning of it.  For example, a combination of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness. Now buying a bouquet of multicolored roses is as simple through

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Enjoy Friendship Day, Send Cakes and Sweets to Vizag

A genuine friendship is the most valuable endowment of the life of people required in it. A man is called extremely fortunate having true friends in his/her life. Trustful friendship gives us paramount, sweet and lovely encounters of many sorts in the life. Friendship is the most valuable resource of one’s life which he/she never needs to lose. True friendship drives at least two people required in it towards progress with no downgrade in life. Looking for the closest friend is not a simple procedure, once in a while we get the achievement and in some cases, we lose on account of misconceptions to each other.

download (22)Friendship is a dedicated sentiment love to which we can share anything about our life and look after each different dependable. A friend is somebody who comprehends and acknowledges another one with no embellishment. Really a true friendship never ends up plainly covetous to each other rather they need to give something better to each other in life. There are any limits or separation of age, station, race, statement of faith and sex exist between them. They know the substances of each other and live acceptably by helping each other.

images (88)Nature has made the exceptional day for friends named as friendship day, which is praised on the main Sunday of August. It is the most well known day, celebrated far and wide. It is thought of respecting the fellowship and dependability of a friend. On this day individuals get together and appreciate the adoring night of friendship day by sharing the sentiments. Play fun amusements and exercises with your companions while figuring out how you can improve the world a place.

imagesAs the world riggings up to observe International Friendship Day, you excessively should be sitting tight excitedly for the principal Sunday of August? Any anticipates how to commend the event? If not, let us furnish you with some breathtaking plans to make this Friendship Day an essential time for yourself and your companions. Experience these Friendship Day designs and make this Friendship Day a really unique time for yourself and your friend. We at Vizagfood offer the best quality of cakes, sweets, chocolates, and flowers. Our site is very easy to use and all our service providers are customer friendly. You can send gifts to your friends staying at a faraway place from you. Send cakes to Vizag for such friends. Also get door delivery of online sweets to Vizag.

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