Order Delicious Sweets, Cakes on Navratri to Vizag

Navratri is coming, people are excited for ‘Garba’, ‘Dandiya’ and Sweets. Devotees of goddess Durga used to fast for 9 days, it is one of the ways to worship and show their faith in her. Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine force and feminine energy.  People celebrate Navratri in great mood and joy. Large gatherings are organised, famous singers are invited to the gathering, garba and dandiya dance is played and side by side people worship the goddess Durga they offer fruits and sweets to a goddess.


Various different kinds of sweets are prepared for these days. Vizagfood has many sweets in their store that you can order on these Navratri. We make all our sweets with pure Desi ghee and milk. We believe in serving pure, healthy and hygienic. We have motichoor laddoo, besan laddoo, Malai laddoo, Kaju kalakand etc in our store. We are best known for our quality service. Order our sweets to Vizag food and get anytime delivery for 24X7 in Visakhapatnam. Other than sweets, our cakes are also very popular. We have all kind of cakes for every occasion either it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or your graduation ceremony. We make special eggless cakes during these days of Navratri. Order our Eggless cakes to Visakhapatnam.

50-Malai Laddoo's

Celebrate all the 9 days of Navratri with Vizag food by ordering best cakes to Vizag, desi ghee and milk sweets for your friends, relatives, and family and firstly to offer Goddess Durga. Other than cakes and sweets we have all kind of vegetarian food that we specially made on these days. Order flowers for the decoration of the huge gatherings and your homes. Other than food, sweets, cakes and flowers we also have many gifting items for you. We have gifts for boys, girls, and kids also. Call us now to place your order at +91-800-800-3620 or browse www.vizagfood.com for order details and terms and conditions.


Celebration of Navratri with Vizagfood | Order Cakes, Flowers, Sweets

Navratri is the festival that is celebrated in all over India. This year Navratri is falling on 2nd October 2016. On this day the great and power deity Goddess Durga is worshiped by people for nine days and on the tenth day, Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is celebrated. During these nine days, people get together and perform pooja of goddess Durga after pooja ‘Garba’ dance and ‘Dandiya’ is performed. Vegetarian food is prepared during these days without any onion and garlic. People used to do various charities for the needy people. Vizagfood is the place where you can get cakes, flowers, fruits, food, and sweets etc.

12502772-navratri We have varieties of cakes, flowers, fruits, sweets, food etc on our store. We make special theme based cake for Navratri. We specially make this cake eggless as people used to eat strictly vegetarian food during those nine days of Navratri. You can choose the flavors according to your choice we have chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, butterscotch and various other flavored cakes. Order our quality cakes to Vizag .  A Huge gathering is organized in huge pandals. Pandals are the place where people get together for the pooja. Those pandals are decorated with flowers and lights. Vizagfood has varieties of flowers like roses and carnations for your grand arrangements of the pooja place and people used to do “pararthana” over there. The place for the pooja looks very beautiful and enlightened with the beautiful fragrances of flowers and lights.


We make special vegetarian food for Navratri as people used to eat pure vegetarian food during these days. Kuttu aata cake and bread are made for those people who are fasting for Navratri. Sweets are offered to the friends, family, and relatives. People celebrate this festive with great eager and pure heart for the goodwill of their family and themselves. There are also various gifts for you to present them to your family, friends. Order eggless cakes to Vizag, vegetarian food, beautiful and colorful flowers for Navratri. We give free home delivery and discounts on our various products. Don’t waste your time thinking much and order now our best quality food and get 24X7 home deliveries to your homes. For more, you can also visit our website vizagfood.com or call us for order: 800 800 3620

Send Quality Cakes to Vizag


vizagfood.22In every food item, its quality matters a lot. If the quality of food is good then it will be healthy and hygienic to eat that food. Now it is very difficult to find the best quality of food. Vizagfood is very popular for delivering quality cakes to Vizag. We always try to give smile on our customer’s face by delivering them a very good quality of cakes. We make all of our cakes with fresh ingredients either that cake is with egg or without egg. We have many flavoured cakes on our website and we always put fresh flavours and ingredients into it. Our cakes are fresh and spongy because of its lightweight and sponginess our cakes are more popular.

vizagfood23We have pineapple cakes, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cakes and many other cakes. Pineapples that we use are fresh and juicy because of this our pineapple cakes are tastier and loved by many customers. The fruit cake on our site is all made of freshly plucked fruits from our garden. Our Chocolate cake is also loved by many people as the chocolate that we use in our dark forest cakes and in simple chocolate cream cakes are made of fresh chocolate freshly made by our bakers. They make it with fresh cocoa. If you are a chocolate lover or your loved one is chocoholic then waste your time in searching for the cake here and there just browse on our website and you will get the best quality of chocolate cake for your loved one.

vizagfood24Now vanilla and Butterscotch cakes are made of fresh vanilla beans and sugar. We make all these cakes with fresh cream and we also have ice-cream cake in our store that ice-cream which we use in our cakes are made of fresh milk. Our cakes are healthy and hygienic. We always believe in giving quality food to our customers. To order any cake for birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation anniversary or for any occasion browse our website www.vizagfood.com .The user can also place their order by calling us at +91-800-800-3620 . The user can send their views and suggestion or if they have any kind of query related to our service on support@vizagfood.com . Now you can also pay online from your visa, master, maestro cards debit/credit cards, Cash on Delivery (COD) option is also available and you can get free home delivery to Vizag. Order Now to our quality cakes to Vizag and make your and you loved one’s day special.

Eggless Cakes to Vizag

eggless_vizagCakes are present on every occasion either it is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year eve or any other occasion. Cake makes your taste buds feel good. The earlier cake was made with many ingredients like butter, milk, egg, cream etc. but now when people become more health conscious they make various substitutes with the ingredients to make them healthy. Instead of egg now bakers start using various other ingredients in cakes and sometimes there are also some religious sentiments related with the egg like in Hindu religion people don’t prefer to eat egg so by keeping all the views of different customers either it is related to health or religion, Vizagfood have delicious egg-less cakes for you.

eggless_vizag1We have many cakes that we make without egg. We have chocolate cakes, wedding cakes that we make are also egg-less, ice-cream cake, photo-fix cakes, kids collection cakes and normal sponge cakes also. As it is in very rare cases that people have allergy to the egg mostly kids have allergy with the egg but kids love cakes. So, the kid’s collection cakes that we make are egg-less. Order our any of these egg-less cakes to Vizag at very reasonable prices and get discounts on various other products. Our Delicious egg-less cakes are very popular and healthy also that nobody has to worry about calories and fats as we make our ice-cream cake egg-less. The sponge cakes that we make are also made by us without egg. We make all of these cakes egg-less on the special order placed by the customer. We add extra topping and flavours according to customer’s requirement on the cake.

eggless_vizag2You can also ask for your favourite flavour of a cake, either it is vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate and many other cakes. The egg-less cakes that we make are easily digestible. The rich tastes of our egg-less cakes are enjoyable by the all age group people. The eggs have a yolk that is high in cholesterol and it is not good for the heart diseases affected a person to eat a cake made of egg. So, Vizagfood is the very good option for you to order our best Egg-less Cakes to Vizag. Enjoy sweet and egg-less cakes on your birthday party, anniversary or any eve and stay healthy with our egg-less cakes. Order Egg-less Cakes from Vizagfood at www.vizagfood.com or place your order by calling at +91-800-800-3620. You can also order and send gifts, chocolates, flowers to your loved ones on their special day. Enjoy your party with our special egg-less cakes.


Birthday Cakes to Vizag

Birthday is the occasion that comes in everybody’s life. It is the very special day as it is kind of a milestone and celebrates the maturity and growth in our self. Every birthday has a cake and every cake has a candle and every birthday cake have a candle blower that is the person who has the birthday on that day. If you are planning to celebrate the birthday of your loved one that can be your kids, friends, family member etc they don’t wonder about from where to buy a cake and which cake you should buy and many other things you can buy or send your favourites birthday cakes from Vizagfood.


We have many different kinds of birthday cakes on our website, some of the most popular cakes of ours are Ice-cream cake, kids theme based cakes, photo-fix cakes, chocolate cake for the chocolate loving people and last but not the least special heart shaped cakes for your loved ones. Ice-cream is that dessert which is loved by every age group people. Today ice-cream is merged with a cake to add some variety to the cakes. Ice-cream Cake has an ice-cream and also a soft and moist cake sponge cake.


Theme based cakes are loved by kids on their birthdays, as kids like cartoons, then you can order cartoon theme based cakes for your kids on their birthday from Vizagfood and surprise them. There is nothing more important than seeing the smile on your kid’s face.

The most famous and the latest cakes in the market are photo-fix cake. In these cases, the customer can add a photograph of themselves or their loved one, or it can be any memorable photograph on the cake. Place an order from www.vizagfood.com and surprise your loved one by sending him our photo-fix cake. You can customize your cakes flavour and topping by yourself. We have a variety of flavour in cakes like red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch etc. Chocolate is the sweet dessert that is loved by everyone. Chocolate has many benefits on health and it enhances the mood of a person.


If your loved one either it is your kid or family member or a friend like chocolate then we have a variety of chocolate cakes. Order our dark forest, chocolate and vanilla, chocolate caramel cake etc from Vizagfood. Heart shaped cakes for your special ones are here. Order any of these cakes for the birthday and let the birthday party begin by cutting the cake ordered from Vizagfood. Get the free 24X7 delivery of cakes in Vizag and make your payments online with Visa, master or maestro cards or cash on delivery (COD) option is also available. Enjoy a birthday party with our Birthday cakes.


Best cakes to Vizag

Cakes make your mouth start watering. It is like the compliment in the every occasion. No birthday is complete without cake, no wedding is complete without cake, no anniversary is complete without cake all in one no occasion or joyous moment is complete without cake. Vizagfood is the online cake shop from where you can order Best cakes to Vizag. There are many kinds of cakes available here starting from normal to the best selling and now kids special theme cakes. We have a range of delicious wedding cakes of different flavours. Wedding cakes make your wedding more exciting and memorable. You can gift any of our wedding cake to give surprise to your friend or any family member on their wedding day. We have these cakes available in many sizes and flavours like butterscotch cake, honey and almond, vanilla cake, chocolate cake and many other unique and delicious flavours are available here.

My Honey-230x230

Here we have a range of heart shaped cakes for you that can be ordered by you to your loved one to make their birthday, anniversary or any big or small movement memorable. Check our most popular heart shaped premium cakes. Nothing is more exciting then gifting heart shaped cake to your loved. You can give your message about your love and care. You can customise your cake by adding your name on the cake or add any memorable photograph on that cake.


We have a Gateau cake on our website, which we make on special orders only. Gateau is the French sponge cake that is very soft and is served with the tea. Order cakes from Vizagfood to your loved ones. We promise to give safe delivery of your order on the destination and our packaging team packs your cake properly and cake remains in shape till it gets delivered. Customers can order cake online by your GPS-enabled smartphone. We give our free deliveries to Vizag, to order best cakes to Vizag just browse www.vizagfood.com. Also check out our other services like order food, fruits, sweets, chocolates and gifts to your loved ones.


Order Fresh Food, Flowers and Sweets for Onam

Onam is the most popular festival of South India that is celebrated by both the old and young people with great enthusiasm. This Onam festival is celebrated for the 10 days. This festival is celebrated for the remembrance of the Great King Mahabali. Mahabali was Sur but he thinks that he was Asur. It is believed that south India has seen good days under the rule of king Mahabali. This festival is mostly celebrated by the Malayalis in whole India as the homecoming of the King Mahabali. Order online food, flowers, gifts to Vizag  on this special festival of Onam


There is many great attractions are on this day like Pookkalam, Onasadya, Vallamkali Boat Race, Folk dances etc. Pookkalam is the art of making Rangoli designs with the petals of flowers. Vizagfood has a variety of colorful flowers that can be used to make Rangoli. There are colorful roses, carnations that can be used to make rangoli also and to decorate your homes or the party places where the celebration of the Onam have to happen. After Pookkalam then comes to Onasadya. It is the traditional meal that is served on this day of Onam. There are 4-5 dishes served in this platter made of Banana leaf. There are various dishes like Rasam, Sambhar, Avial, Kaalan, Pickles, coconut chutney and a dessert called Payasam are served on Banana leaf.


Order food for this day from Vizag food. We have a range of vegetarian food for this day like veg curries, veg snacks, biryanis, bread, rice, soups and many more things. These days are celebrated with great interest. After food, here comes the turn of lip-smacking sweets Vizag food also offers the range of traditional sweets. You can order any sweet from www.vizagfood.com and get free home deliveries in Visakhapatnam. There are special sweets that are made of milk and pure ghee that are coated with dry fruits. Some changes are also made in the sweets by adding chocolate sweets to the list and to give some variety in the sweets. For the health conscious people, there are low-calories sweets, which are good for their health.


People also give presents to their relatives, friends, and family. There are lots of gifting options available here like fruits, chocolates, idols of god and many other things. To place an order and send these exciting presents and sweets to your relatives call us now at +91 800-800-3620. Give your feedbacks on support@vizagfood.com about our services and products. Make your payments online without any hustle through visa Debit/Credit card, master card, and maestro cards. Do give your feedbacks to let us know about our services.


Send Sweets, Gifts, Flowers, Food for Ganesha Chaturthi in Vizag

God of Wisdom and Good luck “Ganesha’s” birthday is coming on 5th September. This day is celebrated as the Ganesha Chaturthi. On this day lord, Ganesha is worshiped with red flowers, modakas, and laddoos. It is celebrated in all over the world with great zeal. This festival is celebrated for 10 days regularly. People bring the idol of Ganesha to their homes and worship them. People organize get-togethers with families and friends and make authentic food. They present sweets, fruits and gifts to each other. On the 10th day of this festival the idol of Ganesha is immersed in the water bodies.

Ganesh Idol-420x420

Vizagfood has vast gifting, food, flowers and sweets options for you all. We specially make our sweets with fresh milk and desi ghee. We have a variety of sweets that have different flavors like chocolate and other than that we have dry fruits sweets. For health conscious people there are low-calorie sweets available and Bengali sweets also that are liked and ordered by many people. For your get-togethers, there is all kind of vegetarian food available starting from starters to main course meals and sweet dishes also. People also present idols of the Ganesha to their friends, family or relatives on this festival. Other than lord Ganesha’s idol there are various others gifting items here you can also order any of them and send it your friends.


Flowers! In India, flowers are offered to the deities to eliminate the negative energies from our surroundings. Lord Ganesha is always worshiped with the red flowers. Vizagfood has flowers like roses and carnations. Order fresh roses for this day and carnation to decorate your home for this very special festival. Place your order online for cakes, flowers, food, gifts and chocolates in Vizag. We give free home deliveries to Visakhapatnam and accept all kind of debit/ credit cards. Make your payments online or other than this Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available. Give us your feedbacks about your online ordering and our service experience at support@vizagfood.com or call us at +91-800-800-3620. Place your orders online at www.vizagfood.com