Vizagfood Cakes Best Partner Of Your Party

A party without cake is just a gathering; Cake is the best celebratory dish during special occasions, it is a soft, creamy, sweet recipe which will boost-up your celebrations and make your day most memorable. Happy Eid mubarak greetings and celebrate Cake, everyone is familiar with this word. It is a form of sweet desert considered as the best partner in parties or served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. As “Cake is happiness! If you know the way of cake, you know the way of cheerfulness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look Moreover for joy!” One cannot buy happiness but one can buy a cake, which is kind of the same thing. You initiate every party with the help of cake. It is a soft sweet food which is happily served in everybody as a kind of celebration. It can be considered as one of the most softies, sweetest gifts to someone who liked to eat cake so much. images (39) So as to surprise your dear ones and to show all your love towards them, just order a very delicious and beautify decorated cake from in Vizag/Vishakhapatnam. We are always here to provide you the best quality or occasional cakes as per your need. We have different varieties of cakes at our site; you can check or choose as per your need. images (41) Let me take out your attention towards the cake introduced at in Vizag cakes/Vishakhapatnam. Ice-cream cakes- ice-cream is mostly liked over the globe, it can be simply called as a key to smile or relief, and you will forget your stress and sadness while having an ice-cream. Is it looks amazing to have a creamy layer of ice cream over the cake? Vizagfood cakes offer an ice-cream cake to you which will definitely be a surprise gift to the one who loves ice-cream so much. So no need to tighten your shoe laces, just visit our site and order a delicious ice-cream cake and send to your close ones and surprise them. Get online Cakes in Vizag. images (42)   Exotic Chocolate Cake- One bite of chocolate can make your day. It can eliminate your stress and make you feel free from all the worldly worries. It is a widely flavored treat that comes in more verifies that any one person could imagine. Here Vizagfood Cake is providing you the kind of cake having a layer of chocolate over it, which makes it, looks more amazing and tasty as well. So it’s a time to impress the chocolate lover in the group of your friends or in the family also. Order online chocolate cake in Vizag cakes/Vishakhapatnam and enjoy your day with chocolate experience. images (43) Photo Fix Cake- Every group or family has a member, who is very much fond of clicking pictures. So just spin your mind and give a surprise to that person by greeting him with a cake having his/her most favorite photo pasted over it. consist differently designed cake having photo over it, such cakes are called as Vizag Photo Fix cake. So order it as soon as possible, we will deliver it to the door steps of your dear one. And we are sure that he/she will unbox the happiness from that parcel. images (44) Premium Heart Cake- The life is all about being happy and spread happiness everywhere. So as to put a smile on someone’s face you should have to greet them in a loving way by gifting flowers, special gifts and beautifully decorated cake on their special occasions. Here we at are providing special premium heart cake in which upper cream layer is enriched with the shape of a heart. We are making you sure that this gift will definitely make the day of your dear ones. So don’t think twice, just place an order and make someone feel happy. images (45) Wedding Cakes- Wedding is the much awaited and special day for everyone’s life. A person always thinks to make that day most memorable. There are lots interesting things to do for this. But any celebration except cake is just partial; no celebration can be started without cake. You need a special cake for wedding or anniversary so as to impress your bride or husband, also to boost up your celebrations. Visit, where you can get a different kind of cakes specially prepared for weddings and anniversaries. You can make the best choice from there and we will provide a safe home delivery to you. So that you can unwrap the happiness. Deliver Wedding Cakes to Visakhapatnam and make an impression. images (46) All our employs in are very customer friendly, we are sure that you will have a satisfactory experience with us. We will definitely take care of all your needs and provide you best service. Thank you You can visit our place-   Sector X1, MVP Colony, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin- 530017 You can login also- For any query just dial our toll-free number -+91 800 800 3620.

Eid Mubarak

Eid is a festival of love and goodwill. It gives us a message to love all and hate none. It teaches us to treat all men as brothers. Separated lovers hope to meet on this day. It encourages us to say goodbye to hatred, jealousy, and enmity and bring in an era of love, sympathy, and brotherhood. So explore your love towards your dear ones by sending awesome gifts to them and enjoy an unforgettable evening with them.


Order special cakes, flowers and also food from and make your evening more special. We at offers the best quality of foodie stuff and flowers as well. You can simply place an order and get a fast delivery at your door step. We are sure that you will unbox

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Eid Mubarak

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Explore your Greetings with Flower in Vizag

Greeting someone with a gift is awesome, but without flowers, it’s partial. This Eid, greet your loving ones with their favorite flowers. Visit our site and choose a beautiful set of flowers and Order online flowers to Vizag.

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Id-ul-Fitr’ or “Eid” is one of the best celebrations of Muslims. It is praised to check the finish of Ramzan. Eid is an Arabic word signifying ‘party’, while Fiṭr signifies ‘breaking the quick’. It was amid the time of Ramzan that Holy Quran was uncovered to Prophet Mohammed. It is praised everywhere throughout the world by all Muslims. The Muslims quick amid the time of Ramzan. Toward the finish of the month, Eid is praised with deeds. For Muslims, the celebration of Id-ul-Fitr is the event of indicating appreciation to God and recollecting that him.

images (29)

Muslims everywhere throughout the world make awesome arrangements for the celebration of Id-ul-Fitr. All Muslims purchase new garments. At the point when the new moon is seen soon after the quick of thirty days, the following day Eid is proclaimed. All look extremely cheerful. On this day they wake up at a young hour in the morning, clean their teeth, have a shower and wear the best of garments which one has and furthermore apply scent. Eid supplication is performed in open zones like fields, the group focuses, and so on or at mosques. After the petitions, Muslims visit their relatives and companions. On Eid, blessings are additionally given to youngsters and close relatives. People exchange gifts on this holy occasion, presenting gift with flowers makes it more beautiful. Get flowers delivery in Vizag and flares smile on the faces of your dear ones.

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Let me grab your attention towards some of the flowers we offer

Carnations- carnations can be found in a wide range of colors, and while in general, they express love, fascination, and distinction, virtually every color carries a unique and rich association. Carnations, also known a Dianthus, are one of the most popular flowers of the world. Carnation flower is regarded as the ‘flower of God’. These can be the best gift for someone on the coming Eid. Visit our site and choose your favorite colored Carnation and Order online flowers to Visakhapatnam.

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Heart Shape Roses- Rose is a symbol of love, it expresses your inner feelings that how much you are close to someone. A Heart Shape Rose is the exhibitor of love and passion. Giving a red rose to someone also stands for honesty and courage, as that is what it takes to express your true feelings to a woman. More so, it stands strongly for passion and desire. So this Eid, greet your dear one with an adorable Heart Shape Rose. Order Flower online in Vishakhapatnam and make a giant impression.

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Rose Baskets- A rose is known to be a standout amongst the most excellent of flowers made by God. It has the double fortunes to being delightful and appealing and furthermore has a? Fragrance in it, which it spreads wherever it may exist. A basket of different colored roses seems so beautiful so that it can bring a smile on the face of even a rude person. This Eid, are you willing to create smiles on the faces of your dear ones. Just place an order by visiting our site and get Basket of Red in Vizag.

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Get Sweets on Sweet Eid This Year

Sweet Memories are woven from the good times. So get sweets on this Eid and create your sweet memories. Just log in your site and deliver best online sweets in Vizag.

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Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr is the best celebration of the Muslims. The Muslims, everywhere throughout the world, praise it with extraordinary grandeur and show, enthusiasm and energy. This celebration denotes the finish of Ramadan. Ramadan is a sacred month of fasting. The Muslims watch fasts for an entire month subsequent to locating the moon of ‘Ramzan’. At the point when the time of ‘Ramzan’, is over and the moon of Eid is located, they end their Roja (fasts). Thusly, the Muslims break their month-long quick. The following day, the celebration of Eid is praised.

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Consistently it falls off on the principal day of the time of Shawwal. It is a day of exhilaration, celebration, and devouring. In India, all groups join the Muslims in observing Eid. Desserts are shared and welcome traded by all. The Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians welcome their Muslim siblings on this day. The festival of Eid advances national joining and the sentiment fellowship. Delights are multiplied when they are shared.

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Eid brings a message of fellowship for all of us. It is a celebration of affection and goodwill. It gives us a message to love all and detest none. It shows us to hold onto all men as siblings. Isolated mates would like to meet on this day. It urges us to say farewell to disdain, envy, and animosity and get a period of adoration, sensitivity, and fellowship.

Share the best quality of sweets amongst your relatives and loving ones, for this you must visit our place or login our site and send sweets in Vizag Vishakhapatnam.

Check out some of the fresh sweets at our site

Sweets- Festivity without desserts is halfway. In our India, there are bunches of festivals celebrated by the general population of India consistently. Eid is the festival of sharing happiness, so they share sweets to explore their love and devotion amongst them. This year deliver some special and different kind of sweets to your relatives or dear ones. We at offer fresh and delicious sweets. So visit our site and get quality sweet online in Vizag.

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Ghee Sweets- Each nibble of sweet made up of Ghee fair melts in your mouth abandoning the sweet and smoky persistent flavor of Besan cooked in Ghee. Sweets made up of ghee has no health effects and even more tasty than others. We at are presenting some of the sweets made up of ghee. Some of them are Balaji Laddu, and much more. I am sure your mouth is watering, then what are you waiting for, just order Ghee sweets online in Vizag.

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Milk Sweets- Not simply is milk a total feast in itself; it is additionally such an adaptable fixing which is an integral part of a large portion of the Indian sweets and even some delectable curries. Milk has a number of health benefits. So you must have a healthy evening along with delicious taste. Just order online sweets to Vizag and explore smiles.

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Dry Fruit Sweets- Lots of people in the world can’t eat sweets contain high sugar contents due to health issues. Don’t worry about them you can deliver dry fruit sweets to them. Dry fruits have too much health benefits as well. So get ready to send sweets to your dear ones. Visit our site and send Sugar-Free Sweets in Vizag.

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Low-Calorie Sweets- Go ahead, indulge yourself with our best low-calorie desserts. The Huge amount of people are worried due to the calorie rate in their body, they often resist eating sweets. But this     Eid, they don’t need to stay back. They can enjoy all the way they can because Vizagfood brings some Low-calorie sweets for them. Get Low Calories Sweets in Vizag and deliver to your loving ones.

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Enjoy Eid with Special foodie Stuff of Vizagfood

Exciting for the Sunday, because it’s Eid on that day.  Celebrate that moment with special stuff. Don’t confuse, just Order Online Food from Vizag and, make your day awesome.

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Muslims in all around the globe are observing Eid over the coming days as the blessed month of Ramadan attracts to a nearby. Eid al-Fitr, the festival of breaking the speed, is praised with exceptional supplications, family parties, presents, eating encounters and treats. Money is given to generosity and it is standard to use the day to pardon people and oblige appears differently in relation to buddies and relatives.

images (21)

People exchange the greeting of “Eid Mubarak”, which roughly means “Happy Eid” or “blessed Eid”. It is one of the biggest festivals around the globe, everyone eagerly waits for this day so as to meet their close ones and explore their love amongst each other. This year, make it more special by having a foodie evening. So order the best grade and tasty food from our site. Visit our site and get same-day delivery of food to Vizag.

We are showing some of the stuff below, check it down

Pizza And Burgers- Pizza and Burger is a sort of sustenance stuff, which can scarcely be despised by somebody. Kids are distraught sustenance for Pizza and burgers. Nothing is additionally stunning at that point making your relative glad. So this Eid, flare the satisfaction over the substance of your siblings and sisters and your relatives also. The extremely least complex way we are giving to you. Try not to need to go anyplace, visit our site and pick your most loved pizza and burgers. Get food home delivery in Vizag.

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Non-Veg snacks-On Eid you will meet your nearby ones will trade endowments. Is it true that it isn’t magnificent to call them for supper at your home? You will invest more energy with them and this will flare more love into your relations. Try not to stress if your dear ones are Non-Vegetarian, Just visit our place and get new and best grade non-veg stuff from here. You can likewise login to our website and have online food shopping in Vizag.

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Veg-Snacks- Green vegetables are very much beneficial for health, Most of the people across the world are health conscious, and so they prefer green vegetables so to stay fit and healthy. There are several benefits of vegetarian food i: e improve eye health, boost bone strength, prevent cancer, improve metabolism.  This Eid you should enjoy a healthy evening with a mouthwatering taste of the veg-snacks from Vizagfood. So time is passing, just visit our site and get Vizag food home delivery and explore your love for your family.

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Biryani- Biryani, otherwise called biriyani, is a South Asian blended rice dish with its birthplaces among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is prominent all through the subcontinent and among the Diaspora from the area. Undoubtedly, you people will love to enjoy Eid with delicious Biriyani. Festivals come after one year, its one day and you have to memorize this day with some special dishes. Biryani will be the best option, so get food home delivery in Vizag. You can visit our place or log in to our site and give us a pleasure to serve you the taste.

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Fried Rice & Noodles Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meal and Noodles are a staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. It seems interesting to know about this stuff. Why don’t you try to taste this delicious foodie stuff? This Eid, enjoy your moment with Fried Rice and Noodles and get much happier.  Visit our site and get Online Noodles Delivery in Vizag and let us serve you better and exceptional food.

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This Year Eid with Vizag Cakes

This Eid, Celebrate your moment in a different way by sharing a delicious cake along with your dear ones. Don’t get into deep thoughts. Just place an order and get same-day delivery of cake to Vizag.

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Eid al-Fitr (additionally spelled Eid ul-Fitr) is an essential date for Muslims over the globe. The name converts into English as the ‘celebration of breaking of the quick’. The celebration denotes the finish of Ramadan, the holiest month of the Muslim year and a time of fasting. It additionally denotes the begin of Shawwal, the ninth month in the Muslim schedule. On Eid, Families, and companions assemble to eat and pray together amid happiness that lasts up to three days in numerous Muslim nations. Eid al-Fitr was begun by the Islamic prophet Muhammad and is a period where Muslims indicate appreciation to Allah and offer contributions to poor people.


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Upon the arrival of Eid al-Fitr, Muslims combine in mosques to play out the Eid supplication, Salat, before holding family social occasions and offering sustenance to companions. Muslims welcome each other on the day by saying “Eid Mubarak”, which interprets as “favored Eid”. With every one of the endowments of this day, praise it with all your adoration and make it retaining. So have a sweet involvement in this day with a flavorful cake from We are here to offer you the best nature of cakes, we are certain that you will love it. So Order online cakes from Vizag.

Let us grab your attention toward some of your delicious cakes

Ice-cream Cakes- We all shout for frozen Ice-cream… cakes! They’re marvelous make-ahead pastries and can be as basic or as favor however you see fit. It’s a warm summer, each needs to have frozen stuff. Why not commend this Eid with smooth Ice-cream cake. Don’t think twice, just get up and get same day delivery of Ice-cream cake from Just visit our site and get amazed.

images (18)

Exotic Chocolate Cakes- Undoubtedly, we can say that chocolates are the most favorite stuff eaten by the children. Nowadays, the youngster also loves to eat chocolates so as to release their stress. So celebrate this Eid by flaring a smile on the face of your dear ones. For this, just order a chocolate cake and boost your celebrations with smiles everywhere. We at offer different kinds of chocolate cakes for you. Get door delivery of Chocolate Cakes to Vizag.

images (19)

Premium Heart Shape Cakes- Eid is the festival of happiness, making new relations, celebrating old relations. Off-course you will love to celebrate this day with your family but separately with your loving partner also. So it’s the luckiest time to you to impress him/her more. Explore your love through the cake, Order online heart shape premium cake to Vizag. Place the order and get same-day delivery. We are sure that you will unbox the happiness.

images (20)

Photo Fix Cakes- On Eid, Families, and companions assemble to eat and pray together amid happiness that lasts up to three days in numerous Muslim nations. Do you want to memorize the moment, so capture your memories with special Photo Fix Cake, on which you can paste the best photograph of your family and make them happy? Visit our site and send the best photo of you family and get Door delivery of Photo Fix Cake.

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Celebrate Father’s Days with Vizagfood

Needs to make your dad smiling, Just get up and shock your dad by organizing an astonishing gathering on Father’s day. We at have all the stuff you have to help up your gathering. So put in a request quickly and get a delightful cake alongside lovely blooms and additionally great desserts.

images (9)

Father, it is not only a word. It is a sea of bliss for us. A father considers his youngsters day and night, notwithstanding when they are not with him and he will love them always in a way they would never get it. Regardless of how old we are and how much quality we have. In any difficult issue, just a single name comes at your tip that is “Father”. We have a visually impaired confidence in our dad; we realize that in troublesome circumstance, either anyone stands with us or not.

images (4)

Yet, our dad will dependably be there for us. He generally scarifies every one of his needs and like hood things, just to satisfy our fantasies and needs. You will communicate with loads of good individuals throughout your life however never forget that one individual is best in your life and dependably be best for you, that is your “Dad”.

If you are a long way from your dad and will miss him on this present Father’s day. Why not send a gift to him? Pick the best present for him and pass on to him. Remember to send blooms close by the gift. Since each gift is divided without sprouts. In case you are suspecting that it’s difficult to pick blooms then we are here for you, visit our site and see on some particularly exquisite and various kind of blossoms.

Sort of blooms we have

 Carnations-Carnation flowers are considered as one of the wonderful blossoms on the planet. It comprises of a few blossoms drenched in a bunch and coating delightfully. So flares your blessing all the more flawlessly by sending Carnations alongside the endowments. So don’t reconsider and order online flowers to Vizag.

images (10)

Heart Shape Roses-It’s a Father’s Day and a most extraordinary day for your dad. You need to put a lovey-dovey impact on your dad. Along these lines, you don’t have to get confused, simply visit our web page and pick a wonderful adoring Heart Shape Flower online by Vizag and value your dad’s adoration by getting door delivery of Heart shape roses to Vizag.

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Rose Basket- The everlasting beauty of our garden is evoked with a ravishing basket full of red and white roses. You like to keep your home looks charming then placed some of the charismatic baskets of roses. You can definitely make an amazing impression on your father when he will return back to home from the office. To place an order visits our website and order online Rose basket to Vizag.

images (12)

Gerberas- surprise your father by sending Vizag gerberas flowers to them on upcoming Father’s Day; these are the most popular florist flowers that will definitely create a stupendous impact on your father. So don’t waste time, make a stunning impression. Just order this flower very easily from and get flowers delivery in Vizag and have a loving environment.

images (6)

To place an order visits our website and choose the gorgeous flowers. Make your payments online with help of credit/debit card. Vizagfood gives you free home delivery at the doorstep for 24X7 hrs in Vizag.



Cherish Father’s Day with Vizagfood Sweets

Sweets are without a doubt the best and great completion of each supper. Sweets are acknowledged as heavenly dishes. Sweets spread Love, Affection, Happiness, and Familiarity. Every celebration in India is incomplete without sweets. Boost the father’s day celebration with best qualities of sweets. Just Place an order and get same-day delivery of sweets from Vizag.

images (6)

A father’s love, oh how sweet! Yes! I really mean sweet. It is now time for a paradigm shift. We often think of a mother’s love in colorful, warm, and tender terms; but we are reluctant to do the same for fathers. This was not God’s intent. It was God’s design for a father’s love to complement a mother’s love.

download (9)

The original plan was that both parents would creatively weave their different ways of loving into a tapestry of knitted emotions, verbal expressions, affectionate displays, and intellectual harmony. There would be no competition, nor lack of love from either side. This type of loving would create a family chemistry that would ride through the roughest storms and sail over the darkest clouds. There are lots of specials days in every year, but no day is blissful then father’s day. Father’s day is coming soon and it’s a great opportunity for you to surprise your father with lots of love inside you. Just make that day more cherishing by bringing best sweets for him that will boost up your celebrations.

Following are the sweets you can order from Vizag

Ghee Sweets-Sweets made in unadulterated desi ghee are the most delectable and solid one. Some time individuals receive it to be alarming to eat sweet because of medical problems. Yet, the desserts comprised of ghee has killed every one of their feelings of dread, ghee desserts are some way sound and have no ruinous effect. We at Vizagfood stress a portion of the desserts device of ghee, as; Balaji laddu, bob bat flu, Ghee Soan Papdi, Kaju Kalakand, Milk Mysore Pak and a great deal more.

download (10)

Dry Fruit Sweets- In moderation, dried fruits can be an essential part of your daily diet. We’ve picked four of our most liked dried fruits and found out that they have a ton of nutrition hiding in them. Dried fruits also grant you to have nutrition on the go: either you’re spending the day outside or in the office, dried fruits provide a convenient and tasty way to get some needy nutrients. So isn’t it better to serve dry fruit sweets to your father so that he can have both sweeties as well as the healthy celebration? Don’t think it to be a difficult to find the good quality of dry fruit sweets; we are here for, you want some then get some from the We have Cashew Pakam, Dry Fruit bullet, and Kashmiri roll. Try these and enjoy your evening or festive season with healthy diets. So order online sweets to Vizag and flare up happiness.

images (7)

Low-Calorie Sweets-Most of the general population on the planet confronts the issue of fatty incentive in their body with the goal that they feel it starting to eat the desserts. This undesirable condition destroyed their happy season. They don’t taste a nibble of sweet. Be that as it may, But you don’t have to stress more; you can make your celebration of Father’s Day joyfully with sweet taste, since we at get a few desserts having low-calorie esteem, so put in a request now and make the most of your up and coming celebration with sweetie taste of Low-Calorie Sweets.

download (11)

Bengali Sweets-West Bengal is cheered for its rich culture, films and particularly for its finest delightful indulgences. The Bengalis from Eastern India have an extraordinary learning about sweet making, they are very much aware of consumer loyalties. Be that as it may, in spite of a gigantic assortment of pastries, the sweet impression of Bengal has by one means or another stuck at Rosogolla, MishtiDoi, and Sondesh. We comprehend that you can’t avoid these heavenly Bengali desserts that are the reason we chose

download (12)

to list down wickedly delightful treats that will take your breath away. Like; Bombay Halwa, Cham, Grape Halwa.

All our employs in are very customer friendly, we are sure that you will have a satisfactory experience with us. We will definitely take care of all your needs and provide you best service. We also provide “midnight” delivery.

Thank you

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